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Bape Shorts

Shorts from the Bape Hoodie line are the latest summer fashion trend. It is a comfortable and style product that can be worn on various occasions and can be worn as a pair. The Bape shorts you’re looking for could be what you’re looking for if you need a versatile pair of shorts to add to your wardrobe. Below, you’ll find some of the hottest styles available right now. The company Bape, also called A Bathing Ape, is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in urban streetwear. Bape bottoms or shorts are among the most popular items amongst the brand’s patrons and are often seen on celebrities and fashion insiders.

Bape Shark Shorts:

It is a must-have this summer to have Bape shark shorts. They have a unique print and a comfortable fit, so you’re sure to draw attention no matter where you wear them. These shorts will keep you looking stylish all day long, regardless of hitting the beach or running errands. So if you are looking for a pair of Bape shark shorts to add to your collection, don’t hesitate any more and get them now.

Bape Shorts Men and Women:

The Bape shorts are a summer must-have for both men and women. Stylish, comfortable, and suitable for all occasions, these shorts are a summer essential. Your Bape shorts will ensure that you look your best whether headed to the beach or out on the town. Please take a look at our collection of Bape men and women’s shorts today and find the perfect pair for you. Checkout the shirts Collection:  Bape Shirts

Authentic BAPE Color Camo Shark Shorts

Bape is putting out a new gamut of sweat shorts for the spring/summer season trailing behind its limited series of bucket hats. With the warm-weather release, the streetwear mainstay presents four distinct bottoms encased in its infamous Color Camo Shark motif. Fans can select from various colors, including beige, blue, red, and multicolor.


The Bounty Hunter clothing company is pleased to release a selection of shorts suitable for the summer. One of the unique items on the list is this pair of “shark” shorts. Even though the design is pretty standard all-around, what sets this short apart is how Bounty Hunter added a shark to the pockets, thus creating a distinct look that stands out from your standard khaki bottoms. These shark shorts are now available through Bounty Hunter stores in black, navy, or beige.

Shark Tooth-Print Swim Short by Paul Smith

The iconic British label returns with another stylish swimwear collection following up their exotic seasonal swimwear collection for Spring/Summer 2012. This Paul Smith Shark Tooth-Print swim short is a well-designed swim short with an allover print applied to a well-tailored mid-length swim trunk. Featuring a two pocket design, a zip pocket on the back, and an elasticated drawstring waist with buckle fasteners, this garment exemplifies Paul Smith’s design acumen and flawless execution in pattern work and color combination.

Eric Emanuel Joins BAPE for a Colorful Shorts Collection

A Bathing Ape is pleased to present a capsule collection of animated shorts by Eric Emanuel, a New York-based designer. The three mesh shorts of the new collection celebrate Emanuel’s close connection to BAPE while presenting new colorways inspired by the original Bape camo short. The collection comprises three mesh shorts, celebrating Emanuel’s close relationship with BAPE. During his trip to New York City from upstate New York, he made sure to stop by Bape’s store first before heading into the city. The front and back of the jacket are both adorned with a pattern of BAPESTA’s lighting logo, while Emanuel’s signature double “E” logo patches are embroidered on the back. The white background features a black and brown logo in the tribal-inspired colorway, while the multi-colored design is dominated by light blue, pink, and yellow lightning bolts. To finish off the capsule, Bape presents a pair of red shorts adorned with a lightning logo rendered in various shades of red.

BAPE ABC Camo Beach Shorts for Summer

BAPE’s ABC Camo Beach Shorts are set to launch this week in three different colors, blue, green, and pink. The shorts are perfect for the summer resort. With the ABC Camo Beach Shorts, the brand combines the comfort of both casual and activewear, allowing it to be worn for a swim or simply for a day out. Because the shorts are 100% polyester and do not have mesh lining, they can be worn both for a swim and simply for a day off. There are two zipper pockets on the sides and back of the shorts, which have the signature Camo print.

Bape Boxer Shorts

Bape has been taking its game to the next level by introducing a line of Men’s Boxer Shorts. The company started by producing only clothes and sneakers but has since stepped up their game. This boxer short comes in two different colors, black and dark green, and has the words “A Bathing Ape” printed on the front in large white print so that you will not miss the opportunity to show off when you finally take your pants off.